Describe Myself

The describe yourself step of the registration process includes two sections. About Me and About My Ideal Mate.

Describe Myself

Your about me essay gives other users a first impression of who you are. This is a great opportunity for you to describe yourself perhaps on the surface or as deep as you would like to go. Details are key as other members may relate to you better the more they know about you. Some thoughts when writing your essay may be answers to:

Remember that each of us are unique and interesting. Try not to be intimidated but don't show off either. Try to be a specific as you can be while remembering who your target audience is. Remember you are trying to meet new people.

About My Ideal Mate

Your About My Ideal Mate is a very important piece of information, it's more about you. Users scrolling through profiles only have a first impression of what they see and then what they read. Make your profile stand out more before they click to the next profile by showing a little bit about you. Instead of telling about yourself try demonstrating it.

For example instead of writing: "Nice girl looking for prince charming! "might be said as "single girl tired of kissing frogs!".

Most importantly enjoy yourself, have fun, and be open. Try to make your profile stand out from others!

To complete an essay:

  1. Move your mouse cursor to the desired text field (white box) select the text field and type. essay
  2. Once completed with both essays press the continue button.
In the event of essay is less than 50 characters a alert will appear in the title bar for each essay stating "Please enter 50 characters or more"