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How to Use Phone Dating

If you're new to phone dating you'll be amazed at how easy, fast and convenient it is to meet local singles in your area. Whether you're looking for friends, a date, or a quick encounter,
gives you endless options for finding the perfect connection.

And best of all you'll be available 24/7 because you always have your phone with you. No more missed connections because you didn't get an email or log into a website.

Follow these easy steps and start connecting at


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Set up a Voice Mail Box

We'll give you a box number and pin number. This is where you will store all your personal information and receive messages from other callers.

Answer a few Characteristic Questions

We'll ask you 8 questions about your characteristics and what you're looking for.

Record a Voice Personals Message

In your own voice describe yourself and what you're looking for. Other callers will hear this message.

Listen to Messages

Browse hundreds of Voice Personals messages from singles in your area.

Send Messages

Find a Voice Personals message you like? Send them a message for FREE!

Chat Live

Connect LIVE with callers on our system.
Accept Live Chat Invites FREE!
And there's MORE! Discover our advanced
features that make connecting even better!