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What is Phone Dating?

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Phone dating gives you an opportunity to talk with and get to know a person before you meet. You find out a lot about a person when you talk live, increasing your chances of making a great connection. Your personality shows and you get to know someone better by phone.

provides you the private and safe environment to talk live or leave voice personals messages for callers using our service. You're dating - on the phone - anonymously and discreetly.

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  • Record a voice personals profile
  • Listen to public messages
  • Send messages
  • Chat live
  • Start connecting
Free Dating Features

We have more FREE features
than any other dating company

  • Setup and Maintain
    a Mailbox
  • Record a Public
  • Browse Other
    User's Messages
  • Respond to Voice
    Personal Messages
  • Receive Message
    Notification Alerts
  • Accept Direct
    Connect Calls
  • Browse User's
    Available to Chat
  • Accept and Listen to
    Pre-Paid Messages
  • Use Computerized
  • Accept Live Chat
is easy and convenient. Record a voice personals profile, listen to profiles, send messages, chat live. Using Voice Personals and Live Chat saves you time, connects you faster, and lets you find out sooner if you want to connect with the person you're talking to.

We are one of the only phone dating services to allow
you to send messages to other users for FREE.

Other dating services charge by the minute
for many of their basic features and services

Don't count the minutes, count the connections you'll make at
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