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Detroit, MI

I met a couple of girls off the date line here before and they said I'm one of the best looking guy's on here.


New York City, NY

Hello to all those people on the date line. I just wante to say that ther is hope on this date line and that I'm very happy that I got to speak to all these nice single people on this date line, but I'm getting off now 'cause I found the right one. Thank you Telemates!!


Fort Myers, FLA.

I can't believe it! I actually met someone. She smiles with her whole body. I'm off this date line, hopefully, or else I'll be very sad.


Birmingham, AL.

I’ve made some really good friends on the date line.


Kansas City, KS

I've been on Telemates before and I met some really cool singles.


St. Louis, MI.

I was just making this recording to let everybody know that I found a gorgeous young lady on this date line and it does work! So good luck to everybody on Telemates.


Atlanta, Ga.

I've been here on this date line probably 2 or 3 years, something like that; and I've found some really good people on this chat line, and met some really good people on Telemates. Have a good day. God bless.


Fort Worth, TX.

Hello ladies, I hope everybody on this line finds what they are looking for. I've met the most sweet, gorgeous lady that's in my life now and hopefully we plan on getting married . I've been with her for three months and things are great. My name is Frank and Jodi is one much beautiful lady. She's got a heart of gold. I hope all of you guys and girls find what you are looking for on Telemates. Y'all have a great day. bye now.


Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi guys, it's been fun on the chat line. I really enjoyed talking to quite a few of you. I found what I wanted on Telemates.


Houston, TX

Hi this is Lacey. I'm doing a testimonial. I met a wonderful man on Telemates. His name is Moby. I love him very much and I know he loves me. If it had not been for Telemates we would not have met. I just want to let you know, don't give up hope. Stay with the date line and you'll meet someone who is for real and sincere. Thank God for this date line.

562 of 925
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