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Minneapolis, MN

November 2008

My name is Charles, I hope everybody is enjoying their Thanksgiving. I want you guys to know, that I've really enjoyed talking to the ones I've talked to on the chat line, I really appecicate it.


Atlanta, GA

November 2008

I've been on this chat line for a minute. I've met some nice people, it's been fun.


Tulsa, OK

November 2008

Hey there everybody, this is Annie. I'm that 50 year old, fun loving redhead that has been on the chat line for a long time. I think I have found the guy I'm looking for. I've made a lot of friends on this chat line and I hope to keep them. Wow, I guess I'm engaged! I'll talk to you later. Thanks everybody. Have a wonderful Holiday. Bye, bye.


Kansas City, KS

November 2008

I have found somebody! A lot of you ladies are perfect the way you are. Good luck!


Charlotte, NC

November 2008

I found that special someone onthe chat line. I'm taking myself off the market because I found something that I like. Good luck!


San Diego, CA

November 2008

I met a great girl on here a about two months ago but she's moving to the East Coast, so hopefully I can meet another great girl on the chat line.


San Antonio, TX

November 2008

I finally found what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot everybody for being nice and sweet. I wish you lots of luck, all of you who are looking for a real relationship. No need to leave any more messages, thanks a lot and have a good day.


Fort Myers, FL

November 2008

Hello everyone I'm calling for my last time, I've met someone who I fell madly in love withj. She takes my breath away. I look forward to a long, long relationship with this person. To everyone else don't give up there is success on this date line. You will find someone. Good luck to everyone!


Richmond, VA

November 2008

How're ya doing? I just want to let everybody know that I'm going to delete my mailbox. I have met someone and we have a lot of things in common, we like a lot of stuff. I just thought I'd let everybody know. Hope that everybody finds what they are looking for and have a Happy Thanksgiving.Thank you.


Birmingham, AL

November 2008

I am getting off the air, I did meet somebody.

455 of 909
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