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St. Louis, MO

Thanks Telemates for allowing me to share my messages on the chat line. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year 2009. Thanks and good bye.


Greenville, SC

Hey everyone this is Jessica, 18 year old female. I am on here to rerecord my message to let everyone know, I found me the greatest guy that I have ever met in my life. He is so sweet, so caring, so honest. Well I am not going to be on the chat line for a while. So thanks to all of you that have left me a message. I hope you all find what you are looking for because I have. You all have a great day and you all have a great New Years. Bye!


Detroit, MI

I got this phone number from my girl and she met somebody that was real nice. Hopefully I can meet somebody the same on the chat line.


Kansas City, KS

Hello ladies, this is Dennis. Looking for pretty lady, sweet, nice physique, cute figure, not too big. I'm not a real big man myself. I like my women a little bit smaller than me. I am handsome. I'm self-sufficient. I've met a few really good friends here on the chat line.


Atlanta, GA

I met someone through your online dating service, I love Megamates!


Rochester, NY

Everything was excellent with your online dating website.


Spring, TX

I met someone through your online dating service, keep up the good work.


Detroit, MI

My name is Ray, I really appreciate you guys. I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and thank you all very much. I found me a wife and I'm very happy, thank you! I no longer need this service, no more.


St. Louis, MO

Hi this is Tom. I have met a few girls off the date line.


Oklahoma City, OK

Hi Ladies! May you all find the man you're looking for. I have found the lady I was looking for! Thank you Telemates!

458 of 925
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