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I have found my dream girl on this MegaMates site. She is what I have always wanted. Good luck to everyone.


San Diego,CA

I met someone on this online chat site. We are going to hit it off just great. Thanks for the help.



You have a great dating site here. I met someone and we are hitting it off just great. Thanks MegaMates.



I just want to let everybody know I found my mate and this chat line and it's no joke, it worked for us. You can find your true lovemate.


Des Moines,IA

This is Daisy and I just want to say thanks to all of you on this chat line. I found somebody good and now I'm happy. Good luck to everybody and take care.


Saint Louis,MO

Hello and I hope you all are finding what you are looking for in your search. My name is Darlene and at this present time I've met someone I'd like to talk with, date, chat, and see where it goes. So good luck in your search and continue to say what you mean and mean what you say fellas & maybe you'll meet someone. Good luck in your search.



This is Denise. Out of all the messages that I left last night I found someone. So thank you, but now I'm taken. I hope that everyone else finds what they are looking for on this MegaMates chat line.



I just wanted to say, MegaMates really works if you're looking for a friend or a mate. Put your heart and soul into finding that person, I'm sure you will find them. I found a lady on here that I just think the world of. There's a whole lot of laughter going on. So I just wanted to tell everybody thank you so much for your time and effort trying to hook up with me. And thanks to MegaMates this old country boy has found his soul mate. So, happy trails to all of you. Bye.


Fort Worth,TX

Hi, my name is Buck. I found the person I want to be with. That's it. We're talking about things and we're working out things. Things seemed to be working out good. I want a life with this person. That's it.



Hi guy's. Unfortunately I have to close my box. I have found someone on this chat line and he is for me just like I am for him. We are together. Thanks for having this dating service MegaMates.

403 of 925
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