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Fort Worth, TX

"Hello this is Michael, I found the one I want to be with for good. If it wasn't for Mega Mates I would have never found her. Thank you!"


Orlando, FL

I need to delete my box because, I met someone through your online dating service.


Fort Worth, TX

Hi my name is Diana, i have found what I'm looking for and hope you all find what you are looking for. have a good day.


Fort Myers, FL

Hi this is Ron and I'm calling to say bye to all you nice ladies that have sent me messages I will be leaving the line to be with a special lady I found on this chat line Thank you to everyone


Houston, TX

" Hey there ladies, this is big Mark. I'd like to thank all you beautiful women for responding to my ad. I got lots of responses from my ad, women becoming a good friend & more".


Tyrone, OK

I met someone through your online dating service, and need to delete my box. thanks.


San Antonio, TX

"Hi ladies this is Nathan. I thought it would be a good idea to try and meet someone on this line. I had some very nice conversations on this line, and I have met some people and made friends."


Kansas City, KS

" Hi, you all this is Mona. I just want to thank you all gentlemen for talking to me, the ones that did. I just want you guys to know I think I found the right man for me. I just think if you ever want to talk to me, you are more then welcome to. I have broad shoulders, I'm always here for you. I just want to say thank you Mega Mates."


Greensville, SC

Well hello guys, this is Linda and I've been on this line for quite a while. I've met some very good friends and really wonderful people off this line & I've enjoyed talking to them. I met this very, very special guy off here and we dated for two and a half years; there's some good people on this line.


Albuquerque, NM

You have a great web site, I love it! I met someone through your online dating service.

182 of 925
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