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Raleigh, NC

I will no longer be on the system. I found someone. Thank you to everyone I have chatted with and thank you MegaMates! Good luck!


Portland, OR

This is Jim and I am saying goodbye. I will be getting off of the line now. I met somebody really nice on line and we have been talking for a few months. It seems that we have a very good energy going on between us. She is a very sweet lady. I hope that you all find what you're looking for. I think I did. Hopefully she is the one! Goodbye.


Birmingham, AL

This is Jay. I just wanted to say that I love this chat line!


Houston, TX

This is Robert. I met somebody wonderful on this line and I am now unavailable. I hope that you all do as well as I did.


Dallas, TX

There are a lot of pretty interesting ladies on MegaMates.


Cincinnati, OH

Hey everyone, this is Monica. I was on this line in the past and met a lot of nice people. I'm back to make some more friends.


Houston, TX

My name is Dan. I have met some pretty nice ladies on this system.


Oklahoma City, OK

Hello ladies. This is Lloyd. I placed an ad on September the 4th and today is September the 7th. In that short amount of time I've already met me a nice little lady that things look good with. I don't need to have an ad on the system anymore. I was glad to be able to get on the system and find someone I care about so soon. I hope you ladies find what you're looking for on the system. This system works if you want it to work. You just have to be yourself. Good luck to all you ladies out there.


Columbia, SC

Good evening ladies. My name is Roger. I just wanted to let you know that I will be leaving the date line. The reason I am leaving is that I met a person who very special to me. She knows who she is. To all of the ladies I have spoken with I thank you for your kindness. You have all been very nice to me. Thank you.


Las Vegas, NV

Hey there, this is Vinnie. A friend of mine met somebody on here and he has been seeing her for the past seven months so now I'm here looking for my soul mate.

1 of 925
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