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Albuquerque, NM

I met someone through your online Gay singles dating service.


El Paso, TX

Hi, my name is Mike. I went to MegaMates and found my true love.


Pittsburgh, PA

Hi my name is Jim and I've used your service on and off for the last 13 years but I was finally able to meet someone special and wanted to let everyone know! Thank you!!


Columbus, OH

Bob here, I've met somebody on here that makes me happy.


El Paso, TX

Hi, this is Pete. I was searching for a transsexual, cross dresser or a very feminine bottom. I want everyone to know that I have found him and he's very special to me & I'm very special to him. We have already fallen in love with each other. I want to thank all of you that sent me messages. I wish you all the luck.. Thank you, bye bye.

Big Black

Raleigh, NC

Big Black is my name, fat dudes is my game, I love a big man and this line has just what I like, I have hooked up with 3 big boys from this line and the fun went on and on I love this chat line. thanks


Dayton, OH

I found someone using the MegaMates online dating service.


Orange County, CA

Jerry I found the guy I was looking for on this chat line we talked for a full 30 days Then hooked up at a bar talked for 3 hours and we have been together 4 months I did closed my box I don't want any messages Just on the free line to let you all know it can happen for you to I didn't really think I could find a real relationship on a chat line But I sure did . Happy Spring!


Middletown, NJ

I found a man through your online dating service.


Chicago, IL

Hello Seth here! I have met a few nice people on this line and it's a lot of fun.

24 of 241
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