Online Dating Success Stories
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Las Vegas, NV

My name is Roy. I've received over 70 responses to my message. Wow! Megamates works!


Orlando, FL

Hey this is Jacob. This thing does work. I've met with someone several times here and had a lot of fun.


Austin, TX

I'm 64 years old and I'm a cross dresser. I found a MegaMates ad that said meet hot males. I was compelled to call and see what would happen. I have met 7 men. Everything I said here is true. I've been on MegaMates for 10 months and it's delivered results beyond my wildest dreams.


Tampa, FL

My name is Gale. This is a wonderful chat line. I have enjoyed it and have a great time.


Oklahoma City, OK

Hey Guys, I do believe I've met the person I've been waiting for several years now. Thanks.


Austin, TX

I received 400 to 500 responses in the past 10 months. I've met seven guys!


Buffalo, NY

Cnelson14220 met someone on MegaMates.


Jacksonville, FL

Marshav met someone on MegaMates.


Chicago, IL

Hey there this is Brad. I have met a few very nice guys on this system.


Boston, MA

Hey guys, Bob here. I've met a few real nice guys from this service and had some great times.

22 of 241
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