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Jacksonville, FL

I have met alot of nice ladies on line! Happy New Year!


Norfolk, VA

This system really works! I was going to give up but with persistence I found someone, her name is Nicole. Good luck and a BIG thank you to MegaMates!


Dayton, OH

I met someone on your system.

Jo Anne

San Antonio, TX

I hope you guys find somebody like I did. I'm happy with who I found. It took me 5 years to look for him and I'm really happy. This is Jo Anne and I already found my dreamboat. We are living together and we're going to get married. I'm really happy and I just wanted to tell you all how I feel. I hope that you guys find somebody soon--like I did. Thank you MegaMates for helping me. The line does work!


I met someone on your system.

Juice Fruit

Birmingham, Alabama

I found my king and I am his queen. The man of my dreams! He is good to me and we are going to get married in July. We met HERE, on this line...THANKS!


Dallas, TX

I found what I was looking for and am very happy! I hope you find what you are looking for. Happy New Year and good luck!


Ft Worth, TX

I'm no longer available - I've found Mr. Right - no one needs to leave me anymore messages in my voice mailbox. I wish you all the luck & hope you find what you're looking for. You all take care. Bye!


Greenville, SC

I found the most wonderful woman on your line. I thank God for her and for MegaMates.


Des Moines

I found my boyfriend on your system! He's everything I was looking for in a man, my soul mate. I am staying on line for friends only.

878 of 925
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